Buffet Style Catering
  $10.25/ Person (minimum 10 persons) you get all of the following:
Entry Style Catering :
  (each entry is good for 8 to 11 persons)
Small (8-10 People)Large (15-20 People)
Meats *
Gyro Beef & Lamb$34.99$64.99
Chicken Kabob or Shawirma $34.99$64.99
Curry Chicken $34.99$64.99
Kaftah Kabob  $34.99$64.99
Beef Kabob     $49.99$94.99
Lamb Shawirma   $54.99$104.99
* Meat can be made spicy or mild  upon request

Hummus and Pita $23.99$45.99
Baba Ghannouj     $23.99$45.99
Cucumber Sauce       $21.99$41.99
Grape Leaves  $21.99 (35 Pcs)  $41.99 (70 Pcs)
Eggplant Side  $23.99     $45.99
Falafel  $11.99 (20 pcs)   $21.99 (40 pcs)
Rice      $11.99     $21.99
Rice with Lintels (Mujadarah)      $13.99     $25.99
Rice with Veggies     $13.99      $25.99
Rice with ground beef$15.99     $29.99
Green Beans   $15.99$29.99
Chick Peas$15.99$29.99
Lintels $15.99 $29.99
Mash potatoes and Beef $18.99 $35.99
Spinach    $15.99 $29.99
French Fries   $10.99  $19.99
Grilled Cheese     $15.99 $29.99
Chicken Nuggets $15.99 (25 Pcs)$29.99 (50 Pcs)

Salads Small (5-8 People)Large (10-15 People)

Greek Salad    $15.99$30.99
Tabolih Salad  $15.99$30.99
Fatoush Salad$15.99$30.99
Cilantro Salad (spicy)$15.99$30.99
Fruit Salad$17.99$34.99
Potato Salad  $15.99$30.99

Business meetings, Birthday parties, Baby showers, Weddings, graduation, Holidays or just for the heck of it! You name it and we can cook it. We promise fresh and high quality food. Our Catering types are:
Buffet Style Catering
Entry Style Catering
Party Platters
  Deserts & Drinks
===Drinks ===
Bottle water   $0.99
Soda Cans$0.99
Ice Tea$4.99 a gallon
===Desserts ===
Small (8-10 People)Large (15-20 People)

Lady Fingers $9.99 $18.99
New York Cheese Cake $29.99$55.99
Pita Wraps Party Platter (10 wraps divided in halves)
Any combination and variety of our existing   wraps (falafel pita, chicken shawerma, lamb  gyro pita, chicken gyro pita, grilled chicken pita, caesar chicken pita, steak or cheese pita) $49.99

  Party Platters
  Each party platter is good for 8-10 people
1.Choice of Meat Chicken, lamb and beef gyro or we can mix them up, Lamb or Beef Kabob         (extra $2 /person ), Kofta (extra $1/person)

2.Rice Yellow rice, white rice, rice with veggie (extra 0.25/person), rice topped with ground          beef (extra0.75/person)

3.Choice of Salad Greek salad, Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Caesar salad, Cilantro salad (spicy),                      Cauliflower salad (extra 0.75/person), Eggplant salad (extra 0.75/person), Fruit salad (extra                0.75/person)

4.Choice of Two Sides Hummus, Baba ghannouj, Cucumber sauce, Falafel, Grape leaves,                    Green beans, chick peas, lentils

5.Pita Bread 1 pita /person), for any additional pita bread, we charge ($0.45/pita)

        ** Note: you can always add Baklava as a dessert for an extra $0.75/person
Meat Platter
Combination of choice of meat*  with pita bread and choice of 1 side or 1 Salad  $59.99
(*Does not include Lamb Kabob)

Veggie Platter
Any 4 choices of our Sides and Salads with Pita $44.99